About Us

About Us

We distribute the finest of Spanish & French gastronomy

Established in Hong Kong since 2006, Pata Negra House Group is a leading Gourmet retailer and food distributor.

Our brand portfolio includes our own original creations: Pata Negra House, Tapas Box, Le Gourmet and Summum, providing the best from the Spanish and French gastronomy, as well as exclusive brands from Europe and North America.

The appreciation of species, the land and the traditions

Ethical Sourcing

Our sourcing favors artisanal producers, using the most natural raw products and traceability, while respecting their environment (social and ecologic)


In response to a strong demand for quality food in Asia, our retail brands guide and inform our customers. Our concepts are designed to stand out from the competition and to improve product awareness.


All our empolyees receive a continuous training from product knowledge to producer handling: hand-slicing, packing presentation, etc. They are the most important link between our selected producers and our final customers.

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